Picnic PR show met with protest

Picnic PR show met with protest

‘Meet your future employer’. This was the topic of a meetup that Picnic had invited PhD students and researches at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) for, aiming to promote their innovative company with young professionals. In contrast with the nice salaries and impressive CV entry that attract IT specialists and marketeers to work for Picnic, the blue collar workers at Picnic still have to make due with a salary just above minimum wage and without any security about their job, let alone a stepping stone to a bright future.

The workers in the distribution centers and delivery points of Picnic are united in union FNV and do not accept the one sided image of Picnic any more. So they welcomed the students with a leaflet and spoke to them before entering the meetup.

Some had already read a bit of news regarding the working conditions at Picnic but the most were shocked to hear that workers can barely afford to rent an apartment, even with a fulltime job at Picnic, and have to live in constant insecurity about the next contract renewal. That Picnic even let it come to a lawsuit to avoid paying the same salaries as the supermarkets that they are competing with, was not the form of innovation that students were looking to contribute to.

So during the presentation there were some clearly critical questions about Picnic’s efforts to present underpayment and exploitation of temp agency work as the business of the 21st century. Do you support the workers of Picnic? Sign the petition here.

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