It’s time! Join us at the court hearing on the 1st of November

It’s time! Join us at the court hearing on the 1st of November

We, the workers, make Picnic a successful company and yet we do not get the salary that we deserve. The costs of Picnic’s free delivery service need to be paid somehow.


One of the reasons why Picnic is cheaper than other supermarkets is because we are underpaid. Despite the fact that Picnic clearly is a supermarket, they refuse to apply the Supermarket CLA and pay accordingly. As a result, we earn much less than other supermarket employees and Picnic saves millions of euros by avoiding following the CLA.

Collective labour agreement (CLA)

Even after conversations between FNV and Picnic, the company is still refusing to pay us according to the CLA. That’s why we started a court case against Picnic. In their reaction, Picnic told the judge that only a part of their organisation is a supermarket and that the CLA only applies to this part. However, this is not the part of the organisation we work for.

Court hearing

The court hearing about this case is set in the court of Amsterdam on the 1st of November at 10:30. After that the judge will make a ruling. Let’s go to this hearing with as many Picnic employees as possible to show the judge and journalists how important this is for us.

Sign the petition

You can also make a difference! Support the workers at Picnic and sign the petition.

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