800 Picnic workers demand secure contracts

800 Picnic workers demand secure contracts

Around 25 Picnic workers demanded, on behalf of 800 colleagues, that the online supermarket starts offering secure contracts. The workers shared personal stories about the consequences of having flexible contracts at the headquarters of Picnic. FNV-campaign manager Marianne Jekkers: ‘The workers make Picnic a succesful company but having a flexible contract only causes insecurity for them.’

The board of Picnic was not present when we handed over the petition that is signed by 823 employees (some of which don’t work at Picniv anymore). Employees Leon (21): ‘I think it’s cowardly that Michiel Muller didn’t show up to listen to our stories.’ FNV asks that a temporary worker will receive a permanent contract after working for Picnic for a year. This will give workers more certainty. Student Leon, who has been working for Picnic for 1,5 years, agrees: ‘I can still manage, but I know a lot of people who are struggling with uncertainty. A father with two children, for instance, has to deal with uncertainty about whether he can pay the rent every month.’


Anneloes, 25 years old, also told her story this morning. According to Anneloes, colleagues start to see each other as competitors because of the scheduling system Picnic uses. ‘On Fridays, we have to claim our shifts. To make sure I earn enough, I try to claim as many shifts as possible. However, Picnic keeps hiring new colleagues. You start seeing them as competition as well, because they are also trying to claim as many shifts as possible.’

Pretend employer

FNV calls Picnic a Pretend employer. 90 per cent of the 3000 people who work for Picnic are on a temporary contract. ‘That means that Picnic can send home or dismiss 2700 people at any time’, according to Jekkers. FNV wants at least 80 per cent of the employees to receive a permanent contract. ‘If this doesn’t happen soon, we will not rule out new actions.’

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